Sabtu, 23 Jun 2012

Tun Ghafar Baba true expression in Umno


Smart: PAS deputy president, Haji Mohamad Sabu said, what was once described by former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Ghafar Baba to Umno is now a reality.
According to him, Tun Ghafar after retirement is often said that "Umno looks great just like the elephant, but his feet like soft plastic and are now actually happens when the party was destroyed by their own leaders.
"Now what was said by Tun Ghafar Baba has become a reality. Umno saw the headline for the media and money, but in fact the party was on the skids due to act of their own leadership," he explained.
He was speaking at the inaugural lecture organized by the PAS in the Field of Public Smart, Upper Village Distance today.
According to Mohammed, he still remembered the word, repeatedly mentioned by Tun Ghafar when he and a member of the PAS at the time, Haji Latif Subky who visited him sick.
Umno fall is also clearly be attributed to the attitude Mohamad new generation of party leaders who see their struggle is deflected goal from the previous generation.
So he said, many of the Umno vateran now aware and leave Umno for disappointed with the attitude of the new leaders more concerned with status than the welfare of the people.
"Many people are mistaken struggle in Umno is not like the veteran.
"Many people do not know the painful bitter struggle at the helm, all of a sudden has held key positions in which a large bag. What else berebutlah they get it," he said.
However, he still warned the vacationing PR machine does not take the attitude that even if Umno diibarat comfortable plastic-legged elephant.
"How Tun Ghafar said the term elephant expressly addressed to the Umno big feet but remember he is plastic.
"So we'll have to take fire and send the plastic feet of the course so soft and big elephant finally fell to the ground," he said.

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