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Party that is not only degrades the dignity of the state government's

KOTA BARU: Party that is not only degrades the dignity of the state government's efforts to build a highway of the people of Kota Bharu-Kuala Krai to solve the traffic problem.Movement Setiasuaha former Kelantan, Lau Chin Chua (pictured) said the deceptive people who actually build the basic facilities for the benefit of the people in Kelantan."While everyone knows that highway projects promised to build since 1986 by Umno leaders, but until now did not materialize."So people who are the real trick. Look at the second Sultan Yahya Petra bridge until now have not completed the fifth year after entry."I understand how time changes the contractor who built the bridge. While in China bridge that crosses the sea to be completed within three years, "he said at a lecture at Sireh Valley last night.These talks was held in conjunction with Dun Bunut Cakna People Palos. Also present were Vice-President of PAS, Salahuddin Ayub and Bunut Payong assemblyman Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan.Various events were held in the morning until evening. Let it rain in the afternoon but it did not deter the crowd following the talks.Last Wednesday a group of youths who masterminded Umno rally in front of City Darulnaim with poor construction equipment, such as the fun of building the state highway people.Lau, a former headmaster, said highway is believed to be completed on schedule as raw materials such as sand and gravel are abundant in the location of highway will be built.He also believes that Umno leaders Kelantan Kelantan became an obstacle to getting the rights to the petroleum royalty."I believe the Prime Minister is no problem to pay royalties, but the problem is in Kelantan Umno leaders themselves in its path," he said.Salahuddin told two Cabinet ministers who hails from Kelantan not play a role in ensuring that this country have rights to the royalties."They know if Kelantan get royalties, Umno forever, do not dream to conquer Kelantan," he said.

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