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Collapse should open the eyes of the people of Terengganu

KUALA LUMPUR: The incidence of repeated collapse of building in the state hopes to open the eyes of the state to me'runtuh'kan BN Terengganu at the next general election.

PAS commissioner, Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut, said the latest case involving the pavilion building in Manila, which is still under construction is very regrettable and require further action from the state government.

"It is time for BN was demolished in the state. Many projects undertaken this kind of problem. We hope people realize this," he said when contacted Consumers today.

He however said that this incident may be an indication of God's leadership Terengganu BN previously acted demolish several public buildings.

"Previously, in 1991, the then Chief Minister, Tan Sri Wan Mokhtar act demolition of private schools, the Institute Berakan, at times, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, Mosque Bujal, Kemaman demolished, and a series involving the demolition of public housing. Maybe incident times this guidance from Allah, "he said again.

In the incident yesterday, around 2:15 pm, pavilion building (pictured above) is still under construction, which is located about two kilometers from the city of Manila suddenly collapsed.

Incident resulting in six foreign workers trapped and injured.

The first victim only managed to remove three hours after the structure collapsed as part of their body from the waist down, buried in a pile of cement has hardened.

All of them were then taken to the Besut Hospital for further treatment.

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