Sabtu, 23 Jun 2012

'Secrecy' in RM300,000 transfer to Tabung Haji CEO questioned

Jun 21: The government’s silence over the transfer of RM308,7000 from Hajj fund Tabung Haji to a personal bank account belonging to its chief executive officer Ismee Ismail has raised suspicion of PAS's Mahfuz Omar.

The PAS vice president said he was puzzled why the government continued to evade the question on the matter which was raised in parliament.

“Yesterday, I raised the matter by giving details and today the answer is on my table. But, there is still no clear answer,” said Mahfuz.

Mahfuz urged minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir Baharom to come forward to address the issue.

“Was the payment emolument, allowance or incentive?” he queried.

Earlier, Mahfuz questioned Tabung Haji’s reaction over the issue, where the corporation blamed someone from Bank Islam of leaking the ‘secret document’ detailing the transaction.

Last April, Mahfuz revealed a document showing the directive from the CEO’s office to Tabung Haji's banker to transfer the sum to Ismee’s personal account, without any reason stated.

“But the information is not from Bank Islam. What’s the secret Tabung Haji trying to hide? Something fishy?” he chided.

Jamil defended the transfer, merely saying it was in accordance with the terms and conditions of Ismee’s employment contract.

'Why force state governments to take up 11% of FGVH?'

Jun 21: The listing of Felda Global Venture Holding is supposed to turn the domestic powerhouse into a global player, but the move to ‘force’ BN state governments to take up 10.84 percent of FGVH’s shares has not sat well with Petaling Jaya Utara member of parliament Tony Pua.

Continuing his appraisal of FGVH’s prospectus, Pua pointed out that five BN-ruled states were provided "irrevocable undertakings" to subscribe the IPO shares.

Pahang and Sabah were given 5 percent respectively, Perak 0.4 percent, Terengganu 0.16 percent and Negeri Sembilan 0.28 percent.

“If indeed the demand for FGVH shares is so hot as described by the Prime Minister, why is it that these Barisan Nasional states are being asked or even forced to give 'irrevocable undertakings' to acquire such a substantial portion of the IPO shares on offer?” he asked.

According to Pua, the shares amounted to RM1.8 billion or 18.1 percent of the total fund FGVH planned to raised.

Pua, who heads DAP's national publicity bureau, had earlier questioned the government for letting off 60 percent stake in FGVH to foreign hands through the listing.

“Felda which is a statutory body already holds in trust the interest of all Malaysians and Malaysian states in FGVH, so why is there a need to ask for money from the Malaysian states which are by far poorer than the federal government?” he added.

Pua said the fund raised by BN states’ investment was not to fund FGVH’s business activities as they were acquiring the shares directly from Felda.

“which means that the RM1.8 billion raised will go to the Federal Government, and not the company!”

The most pertinent question about the whole episode, said Pua, was the urgency and desperation by the parties concerned to massively sell down its 60 percent stake in FGVH and cashing out from Malaysian states.

“Both the government and Felda have not responded to my earlier statement on what is the intended use of the RM5.5 billion that it will raise for itself from the sale of its shares in FGVH.

"The sheer lack of transparency does not bode well for Felda or FGVH as surely, the people will be convinced that there is more than it meets the eye,” he said.

Najib's latest 'threat' reminds of 'crushed bodies' speech: Lim

Jun 21: Prime minister Najib Razak’s statement that the Chinese business community may lose their wealth has been rapped by DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang.

He said Najib's warning that the Chinese community's assets and wealth may "evaporate" in the absence of “political certainty and stability”, reminded of the UMNO president's speech in October 2010 in which he said UMNO would defend its Federal power even if it meant “crushed bodies, lives lost”.

Najib’s latest remark was made while officiating the Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry's 66th annual general meeting.

Lim said Najib should make clear whether he was threatening the Chinese business community in the context of his statement about defending UMNO's power.

Earlier, UMNO Kota Belud member of parliament Abdul Rahman Dahlan assured  a peaceful transition of government if Pakatan Rakyat won the coming polls.

"I have spoken to my colleagues in BN and Umno. If we lose, we lose. We won't turn this state into a pariah state," said Abdul Rahman, who represented BN in a debate organised by Malaysiakini.com last night.

Lim however lamented the absence of any such assurance from both Najib and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin.

“Or is Najib telling the nation and the world that he would not accept the verdict of the electorate in the 13th general election which is in favour of Pakatan Rakyat and that he is not prepared to make a public commitment on behalf of UMNO/BN to ensure a peaceful transition of government if PR wins the next general election?” asked the former opposition leader.

Lynas chief says opponents are politically motivated

Jun 21: Controversial Australian rare-earth mining firm Lynas chairman Nick Curtis has accused critics of the company's plant in Gebeng, Pahang of having political agenda.

"The matter has been politicised and a small core will continue to take a political view, and they are doing that I believe more for domestic and regional political agendas than because of a fundamental belief in problems associated with the project," he told The Australian.

Curtis repeated his strong defence of the plant amid  widespread protests in Malaysia, arguing that it had now passed "probably as much scrutiny as any project in the world has been through".

According to him, he saw no reason why the firm should not be issued a temporary operating license.

"We do not see any basis on which the licence will not be able to be issued," Curtis said, adding that Lynas had handed documents to the Atomic Energy Licensing Board to prove its ability to satisfy the conditions.

On Tuesday, the PSC committee which comprised of only BN members of parliament supported the issuance of the licence to Lynas citing “scientific facts” to back their argument.

Pakatan Rakyat MPs had earlier stayed away from the PSC accusing it as the federal government's ploy to legitimise the plant in the face of public concerns on its safety as well as an absence of any clear plan to dispose its radioactive wastes.

Radioactive waste management has been at the centre of the Lynas controversy. Early this year, the company resorted to advertisement in local newspapers to convince the public on the safety of its plant.

This followed a revelation by Australia’s National Toxics Network that tailing ponds built by Lynas in Mount Weld would leak some 14,000 litres or five million litres of radioactive tailings waste.

Lynas has also proposed that its non-recyclable wastes from the plant be dumped permanently in a facility under institutional control for 300 years.

Rare earths, a group of 17 metals including neodymium, lanthanum, cerium and europium, are used in fibre-optic transmission, smart bombs, computer disk drives and military radar and missile systems.

Iran wants to be attacked, says Hillary Ynetnews, 22 June 2012

WASHINGTON, Jun 22: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed on Wednesday the top priorities of US diplomacy around the world, saying that Iran wants to be attacked by somebody because it would unify the Iranian public and legitimize the Islamic regime.

However, Clinton clarified in an interview with Charlie Rose and Former Secretary of State James Baker, that the US is "serious that they (Iran) cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon."

In an installment of "Conversations on Diplomacy," which was moderated by Rose, Clinton made a series of harsh analytical remarks regarding the possibility of nuclear arms development in Tehran.

Baker and Clinton spoke about the necessity of preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, noting that containment is not an option, and in the opinion of Baker, any military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities should come from the United States because it is the only country with the ability to stop Iran’s program with force.

"We ought to try every possible avenue we can to see if we can get them to correct their desire and goal of acquiring a nuclear weapon, but we cannot let them acquire that weapon. We are the only country in the world that can stop that," Baker said.

"The Israelis, in my opinion, do not have the capability of stopping it. They can delay it. There will also be many, many side effects, all of them adverse, from an Israeli strike. But at the end of the day, if we don’t get it done the way the Administration’s working on it now – which I totally agree with – then we ought to take them out, "he added.

Clinton shared Baker's estimated timeframe regarding a possible attack on a nuclear Iran, saying it could be a year or maybe more. The Secretary of State reiterated that "It’s not only about Iran and about Iran’s intentions. It’s about the arms race that would take place in the region with such unforeseen consequences."

"You name any country with the means, anywhere near Iran that is an Arab country, if Iran has a nuclear weapon – I can absolutely bet on it and know I will win – they will be in the market within hours. And that is going to create a cascade of difficult challenges for us and for Israel and for all of our friends and partners," Clinton added.

Why the West craves materialism and East sticks to religion

My generation grew up at a time when colonial hang up was at its peak. Our older generation had been slaves and had a huge inferiority complex of the British. The school I went to was similar to all elite schools in Pakistan. Despite gaining independence, they were, and still are, producing replicas of public schoolboys rather than Pakistanis.

I read Shakespeare, which was fine, but no Allama Iqbal - the national poet of Pakistan. The class on Islamic studies was not taken seriously, and when I left school, I was considered among the elite of the country because I could speak English and wore Western clothes.

Despite periodically shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ [Long Live Pakistan] in school functions, I considered my own culture backward and religion outdated. Among our group if any one talked about religion, prayed or kept a beard he was immediately branded a Mulla.

Because of the power of the Western media, our heroes were Western movie stars or pop stars. When I went to Oxford already burdened with this hang up, things didn’t get any easier. At Oxford, not just Islam, but all religions were considered anachronism. Science had replaced religion and if something couldn’t be logically proved it did not exist. All supernatural stuff was confined to the movies. Philosophers like Darwin, who with his half-baked theory of evolution, had supposedly disproved the creation of men and, hence, religion were read and revered.

Moreover, European history reflected its awful experience with religion. The horrors committed by the Christian clergy during the Inquisition era had left a powerful impact on the Western mind. To understand why the West is so keen on secularism, one should go to places like Cordoba in Spain and see the torture apparatus used during the Spanish Inquisition. Also the persecution of scientists as heretics by the clergy had convinced the Europeans that all religions are regressive.

However, the biggest factor that drove people like me away from religion was the selective Islam practiced by most of its preachers. In short, there was a huge difference between what they practiced and what they preached. Also, rather than explaining the philosophy behind the religion, there was an overemphasis on rituals.

I feel that humans are different to animals. While, the latter can be drilled, humans need to be intellectually convinced. That is why the Qur’an constantly appeals to reason. The worst, of course, was the exploitation of Islam for political gains by various individuals or groups.

Hence, it was a miracle I did not become an atheist. The only reason why I did not was the powerful religious influence my mother wielded on me since my childhood. It was not so much out of conviction but, love for her that I stayed a Muslim.

However, my Islam was selective. I accepted only parts of the religion that suited me. Prayers were restricted to Eid days and occasionally, on Fridays, when my father insisted on taking me to the mosque with him.

All in all I was smoothly moving to becoming a Pukka Brown Sahib. After all, I had the right credentials in terms of school, university and, above all, acceptability in the English aristocracy, something that our brown sahibs would give their lives for. So what led me to do a ‘lota’ on the Brown Sahib culture and instead become a ‘desi’?

Well, it did not just happen overnight. Firstly, the inferiority complex that my generation had inherited gradually went as I developed into a world-class athlete. Secondly, I was in the unique position of living between two cultures. I began to see the advantages and the disadvantages of both societies.

In Western societies, institutions were strong while they were collapsing in our country. However, there was an area where we were and still are superior, and that is our family life. I began to realize that this was the Western society’s biggest loss. In trying to free itself from the oppression of the clergy, they had removed both God and religion from their lives.

While science, no matter how much it progresses, can answer a lot of questions - two questions it will never be able to answer: One, what is the purpose of our existence and two, what happens to us when we die?

It is this vacuum that I felt created the materialistic and the hedonistic culture. If this is the only life then one must make hay while the sun shines - and in order to do so one needs money. Such a culture is bound to cause psychological problems in a human being, as there was going to be an imbalance between the body and the soul.

Consequently, in the US, which has shown the greatest materialistic progress while giving its citizens numerous rights, almost 60 percent of the population consults psychiatrists. Yet, amazingly in modern psychology, there is no study of the human soul. Sweden and Switzerland, who provide the most welfare to their citizens, also have the highest suicide rates. Hence, man is not necessarily content with material well being and needs something more.

It should be noted that no Muslim missionaries or armies ever went to Malaysia or Indonesia. The people converted to Islam due to the high principles and impeccable character of the Muslim traders. At the moment, the worst advertisements for Islam are the countries with their selective Islam, especially where religion is used to deprive people of their rights. In fact, a society that obeys fundamentals of Islam has to be a liberal one.

Since all morality has it roots in religion, once religion was removed, immorality has progressively grown since the 1970s. Its direct impact has been on family life. In the UK, the divorce rate is 60 percent, while it is estimated that there are over 35 percent single mothers. The crime rate is rising in almost all Western societies, but the most disturbing fact is the alarming increase in racism. While science always tries to prove the inequality of man (recent survey showing the American Black to be genetically less intelligent than whites) it is only religion that preaches the equality of man.

Between 1991 and 1997, it was estimated that total immigration into Europe was around 520,000, and there were racially motivated attacks all over, especially in Britain, France and Germany. In Pakistan, during the Afghan war, we had over four million refugees, and despite the people being so much poorer, there was no racial tension.

There was a sequence of events in the 1980s that moved me toward God as the Qur’an says: “There are signs for people of understanding.” One of them was cricket. As I was a student of the game, the more I understood the game, the more I began to realize that what I considered to be chance was, in fact, the will of Allah. A pattern which became clearer with time. But it was not until Salman Rushdie’s ‘Satanic Verses’ that my understanding of Islam began to develop.

People like me who were living in the Western world bore the brunt of anti-Islam prejudice that followed the Muslim reaction to the book. We were left with two choices: fight or flight. Since I felt strongly that the attacks on Islam were unfair, I decided to fight. It was then I realized that I was not equipped to do so as my knowledge of Islam was inadequate. Hence I started my research and for me a period of my greatest enlightenment. I read scholars like Ali Shariati, Muhammad Asad, Iqbal, Gai Eaton, plus of course, a study of the Qur’an.

I will try to explain as concisely as is possible, what ‘discovering the truth’ meant for me. When the believers are addressed in the Qur’an, it always says ‘Those who believe and do good deeds.’ In other words, a Muslim has dual function, one toward God and the other toward fellow human beings.

The greatest impact of believing in God for me, meant that I lost all fear of human beings. The Qur’an liberates man from man when it says that life and death and respect and humiliation are God’s jurisdiction, so we do not have to bow before other human beings. Moreover, since this is a transitory world where we prepare for the eternal one, I broke out of the self-imposed prisons, such as growing old (such a curse in the Western world, as a result of which, plastic surgeons are having a field day), materialism, ego, what people say and so on. It is important to note that one does not eliminate earthly desires. But instead of being controlled by them, one controls them.

By following the second part of believing in Islam, I have become a better human being. Rather than being self-centered and living for the self, I feel that because the Almighty gave so much to me, in turn I must use that blessing to help the less privileged. This I did by following the fundamentals of Islam rather than becoming a Kalashnikov-wielding fanatic.

I have become a tolerant and a giving human being who feels compassion for the underprivileged. Instead of attributing success to myself, I know it is because of God’s will, hence, I learned humility instead of arrogance.

Also, instead of the snobbish Brown Sahib attitude toward our masses, I believe in egalitarianism and strongly feel against the injustice done to the weak in our society. According to the Qur’an, “Oppression is worse than killing.” In fact, only now do I understand the true meaning of Islam, if you submit to the will of Allah, you have inner peace. Through my faith, I have discovered strength within me that I never knew existed and that has released my potential in life. I feel that in Pakistan we have selective Islam. Just believing in God and going through the rituals is not enough. One also has to be a good human being. I feel there are certain Western countries with far more Islamic traits than us in Pakistan, especially in the way they protect the rights of their citizens, or for that matter their justice system. In fact, some of the finest individuals I know live there.

What I dislike about them is their double standards in the way they protect the rights of their citizens but consider citizens of other countries as being somehow inferior to them as human being, e.g., dumping toxic waste in the Third World, advertising cigarettes that are not allowed in the West and selling drugs that are banned in the West.

One of the problems facing Pakistan is the polarization of two reactionary groups. On the one side is the Westernized group that looks upon Islam through Western eyes and has inadequate knowledge about the subject. It reacts strongly to anyone trying to impose Islam in society and wants only a selective part of the religion. On the other extreme is the group that reacts to this Westernized elite and in trying to become a defender of the faith, takes up such intolerant and self-righteous attitudes that are repugnant to the spirit of Islam.

What needs to be done is to somehow start a dialogue between the two extremes. In order for this to happen, the group on whom the greatest proportion of our educational resources are spent in this country must study Islam properly.

Whether they become practicing Muslims or believe in God is entirely a personal choice. As the Qur’an tells us, there is “no compulsion in religion.” However, they must arm themselves with knowledge as a weapon to fight extremism. Just by turning up their noses at extremism the problem is not going to be solved.

The Qur’an calls Muslims ‘the middle nation’, not of extremes. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was told to simply give the message and not worry whether people converted or not. Therefore, there is no question in Islam of forcing your opinions on anyone else.

Moreover, we are told to respect other religions, their places of worship and their prophets. It should be noted that no Muslim missionaries or armies ever went to Malaysia or Indonesia. The people converted to Islam due to the high principles and impeccable character of the Muslim traders.

At the moment, the worst advertisements for Islam are the countries with their selective Islam, especially where religion is used to deprive people of their rights. In fact, a society that obeys fundamentals of Islam has to be a liberal one.

If Pakistan’s Westernized class starts to study Islam, not only will it be able to help society fight sectarianism and extremism, but it will also make them realize what a progressive religion Islam is. They will also be able to help the Western world by articulating Islamic concepts. Recently, Prince Charles accepted that the Western world can learn from Islam. But how can this happen if the group that is in the best position to project Islam gets its attitudes from the West and considers Islam backward? Islam is a universal religion and that is why our Prophet (peace be upon him) was called a Mercy for all Mankind.

The ordinary ways of an extraordinary man

Jun 22: The 'ordinary ways' of PAS Murshidul Am Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat never fail to amaze Malaysians who have grown used to political leaders who travel in expensive cars and live in picturesque mansions.

Since 1990 when he was appointed as the Kelantan Menteri Besar, Nik Aziz's decision to snub official perks has earned him respect from friends and foes.

He continues to stay in his family house in Kampung Pulau Melaka, leading the daily prayers at the neighbouring mosque and giving his dawn religious lectures to attendees.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then this one on the right tells so much of the trait of moderation and simplicity that has been lacking among many Malaysian leaders, their spouses and children.

This morning, Nik Aziz walked by himself across the street to quench his thirst at a roadside stall located some metres away from Medan Ilmu. The 81-year old had just delivered his weekly Friday morning lecture there.

At press time, the image is spreading like wild fire on the internet. After the Kelantan MB's Facebook administrator uploaded it on Nik Aziz's page, it attracted more than 10,000 'likes' within 30 minutes and over a thousand comments, most of them being invocations for good health upon the leader.

"No leader like him in Malaysia, he's one in a million," runs one comment, aptly reflecting the general sentiment about the country's oldest MB.

Najib hints at Hajj season polls

Jun 22: Despite being warned not to deprive thousands of Muslims of their votes by holding general election when they are away during the Hajj season, prime minister Najib Razak seems bent on doing exactly that.

"In our history we have conducted general elections during the haj season," said Najib as quoted by MCA-controlled daily The Star, fuelling speculation that elections would be called to coincide with the Hajj season.

Najib was believed to be referring to the 1986 general election on August 3, two weeks before Hari Raya Haji, when many Muslims were already in Makkah and Madinah.

This year's Hajj falls at the end of October, but thousands of Malaysian pilgrims would be leaving for the Holy Lands weeks earlier and are expected to return only a month after the Hajj is over.

Prior to this, PAS leaders warned Najib against holding elections during the Hajj, saying it would deprive thousands of Muslims of their right to vote.

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu said Najib should be answerable for placing difficulty to people who have to fulfill their religious obligation if general election during the Hajj season.

But Najib defended polls during this time, arguing that he was not stopping anyone from performing the Hajj.

"Only God decides on sins and blessings. We are not stopping anyone... if you want to go for Haj, go,” news portal The Malaysian Insider quoted him as saying.

Sensing that polls would be called during Hajj, PAS information chief Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man has urged members directly involved in the polls, including candidates, their representatives and election directors, to postpone their Hajj trip if election was called during that time. This led to accusations in the UMNO media that PAS was placing politics above Islamic obligations.

But many Muslim leaders have explained that while Hajj was obligatory, Islam has a set of other priorities including the obligation to choose a responsible government.

PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hasan has hit out at suggestions that the party was disallowing members from performing the pilgrimage, saying the onus was on BN.

"The government is urging people to vote, so which one is it? To vote or to perform the Hajj? It's simple, if you want them do both, then don't have them at the same time!" he said.

Culture in the era of persecution is most severe Najib

Ketereh: Even though it Datuk Seri Najib Razak is considered heir to the end of Umno, the culture of defamation that occurred under his leadership the worst in the history of the country's independence.

PKR deputy president, James Ali (pictured) said, compared with the previous prime minister, including Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the culture in the era of persecution is most obvious Najib.

"The culture of the worst persecution is happening now than in the era of prime minister before," he said at a lecture of current issues in the field of Knowledge, Shop stage last night.

Also present were PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa, Chairman of the Kelantan PKR Leadership Council, Abdul Aziz Kadir, Melor assemblyman Wan Ismail Wan Jusoh and Kelantan PAS information officer, Abdul Hamid Derani.

James said he and his family were attacked by alleged defamation for two months continued through the media party.

According to him, Utusan Malaysia and TV3 in insulting his wife and children in such a disgraceful one when mengungkitkan old issue about 14 years ago.

"While the DNA report from physicians at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Singapore confirm my child with his wife, Shamsidar.

"My daughter was then aged three years and now it is 17 years old. But Umno leaders do not apologize to me and my family until now.

"This is a clear reflection of Umno is not reti harshness problem until the issue of sex and morality into play for them," he said.

He is also the Gombak MP said Umno leaders can do anything now as long as there are remnants of power, even when unfounded accusations.

But at the same time anxiety Umno seems clear now that Dr Mahathir made the statement that PR is not defamed in the event of a change in Putrajaya at the next general election.

James said he and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim trial alternate prey savagely by Umno leaders regardless of the facts and the actual position.

Meanwhile, Husam urged the government to establish a Royal Commission to investigate allegations that Anwar master control 20 accounts amounting to RM3 billion.

He said that if he created the Royal Commission will submit written evidence of the handwriting of the former Bank Negara assistant governor Datuk Murad of misconduct Umno leaders.

"Writing is in the hands of my savings and a few days ago I was handed to him. Writing that mentions former prime minister brought a lot of money to go overseas, "he said.

He also suggested meeting the children settled with the state leadership on Hari Raya this year held in the highway construction site of the people to enable them to see the project implemented.


Presiden Cuepacs
TEMERLOH, June 19 (Bernama) - The Congress of Unions of Employees in Public Service (Cuepacs) urged the government to absorb 60.000 civil service contract staff to permanent and pensionable office.

Vice President Young said Cuepacs Azih appointments to permanent positions will be assured to them besides the future to improve the quality of public services.

"Cuepacs urged the government to take action as soon as possible to absorb them into permanent positions," he told reporters after visiting the President of the Temerloh Municipal Council (MPT) Datuk Abdul Rahman through the Tariff Field Program for members of the dive problem Cuepacs and Union of Local Authorities (ANULEA) here on Tuesday.

Of field programs, Azih said they had visited more than 20 Local Authorities (PBT) on the east coast to deliver important masej be undertaken jointly between the employee and employer.

In another development, he hoped that the new Chief Secretary who will succeed Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, who will retire on June 23, will continue to work well and closely with the union.

Collapse should open the eyes of the people of Terengganu

KUALA LUMPUR: The incidence of repeated collapse of building in the state hopes to open the eyes of the state to me'runtuh'kan BN Terengganu at the next general election.

PAS commissioner, Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut, said the latest case involving the pavilion building in Manila, which is still under construction is very regrettable and require further action from the state government.

"It is time for BN was demolished in the state. Many projects undertaken this kind of problem. We hope people realize this," he said when contacted Consumers today.

He however said that this incident may be an indication of God's leadership Terengganu BN previously acted demolish several public buildings.

"Previously, in 1991, the then Chief Minister, Tan Sri Wan Mokhtar act demolition of private schools, the Institute Berakan, at times, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, Mosque Bujal, Kemaman demolished, and a series involving the demolition of public housing. Maybe incident times this guidance from Allah, "he said again.

In the incident yesterday, around 2:15 pm, pavilion building (pictured above) is still under construction, which is located about two kilometers from the city of Manila suddenly collapsed.

Incident resulting in six foreign workers trapped and injured.

The first victim only managed to remove three hours after the structure collapsed as part of their body from the waist down, buried in a pile of cement has hardened.

All of them were then taken to the Besut Hospital for further treatment.

Projects to cronies, ordinary members of Umno biting finger

Posted to the hardcore supporters of Umno in the village who would do anything to disrupt the talks and PR Pass.

They would do anything as long as get some meager remuneration. While the princes, Umno received millions of projects without the hassle to defend the Umno party.

Umno chiefs son and cronies have not because the merits of the project and their skill in business, but because they dibinkan with his father only.

The proof is given to the family of NFC projects Datuk Seri Sharizat Abdul Jalil of RM250 million.

25-year-old son had meraihkan monthly salary of RM35, 000, 27-year-old son received RM35, 000, 31-year-old son received RM45, 000 and suamianya Dato 'Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad Salleh pay RM100, 000 per month.

Persolannya what Umno women in the villages are?. Most of them live from hand to morning breakfast, while the children led them pleasure and satisfaction.

Similarly, Raja Nong Chik Farhana get the project from the Ministry of Youth and Sports of RM30.4 million to build the National Youth Skills Institute at City remedy Johor.

Young age is already a millionaire. Does the child if he is not Raja Nong Chik he will get?

Reveal the latest in air traffic control system was installed by Advanced Air Traffic System (AAT) Sdn Bhd is valued at RM128.4 million, of which Hafiz Jamaludin Brotherhood is a shareholder and director.

Brotherhood is the son of MP for Rompin and former Science, Technology and Innovation, which is seen close to the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Now a special envoy to the United States class minister.

Fortunately the child Umno, Umno supporters while living homeless on the lower level. How BN Umno to defend the people if not taken care of each other still, this proves how the project is said to cronies, finger tooth Umno members.

Tun Ghafar Baba true expression in Umno


Smart: PAS deputy president, Haji Mohamad Sabu said, what was once described by former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Ghafar Baba to Umno is now a reality.
According to him, Tun Ghafar after retirement is often said that "Umno looks great just like the elephant, but his feet like soft plastic and are now actually happens when the party was destroyed by their own leaders.
"Now what was said by Tun Ghafar Baba has become a reality. Umno saw the headline for the media and money, but in fact the party was on the skids due to act of their own leadership," he explained.
He was speaking at the inaugural lecture organized by the PAS in the Field of Public Smart, Upper Village Distance today.
According to Mohammed, he still remembered the word, repeatedly mentioned by Tun Ghafar when he and a member of the PAS at the time, Haji Latif Subky who visited him sick.
Umno fall is also clearly be attributed to the attitude Mohamad new generation of party leaders who see their struggle is deflected goal from the previous generation.
So he said, many of the Umno vateran now aware and leave Umno for disappointed with the attitude of the new leaders more concerned with status than the welfare of the people.
"Many people are mistaken struggle in Umno is not like the veteran.
"Many people do not know the painful bitter struggle at the helm, all of a sudden has held key positions in which a large bag. What else berebutlah they get it," he said.
However, he still warned the vacationing PR machine does not take the attitude that even if Umno diibarat comfortable plastic-legged elephant.
"How Tun Ghafar said the term elephant expressly addressed to the Umno big feet but remember he is plastic.
"So we'll have to take fire and send the plastic feet of the course so soft and big elephant finally fell to the ground," he said.

The Star once again guilty of defamation Guan Eng

Consumers, June 22, 2012

(This is the report that caused Messenger to be RM450, 000)

KUALA LUMPUR: Penang High Court today found that Umno newspaper, Utusan Malaysia guilty of slander Chief Minister of Penang and ordered to pay RM450, 000 to Lim Guan Eng.

RM200, 000 was for the damage done by the newspaper while RM250, 000 is the cost of court.

Melaysia envoy in his report on March 12, 2008 entitled "No more of the NEP" claimed DAP will eliminate the NEP.

Lim claimed that the report was not accurate because of the Penang Chief Minister in his speech is meant administration would eliminate the 'cronies, corruption and inefficiency' in the policy.

Member of Parliament for Bagan is seeking damages because the writing seemed a man who claimed he was not responsible for and can not be trusted.

Although he has made several times a description, Umno's press continues to make the same claim, claimed Lim.

As a result of the continuous writing cause for protest protest organized by Umno, including a rally with 1,000 participants at the premise Komtar after Friday prayers on March 14 that year.

Prior to this, the High Court in December 2011 and also decided to release the report Umno is guilty, news titled "Rudeness Guan Eng.

The court ruled that an evil report embarrassing Lim Guan Eng and DAP and make him be seen as anti-Malay and anti-Islamic.

Focus on only one now, put BN - Rafizi

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR Strategy Director, Rafizi Ramli (pictured) insists his focus in life now is one that is "degraded BN.

He gave bail, his resignation from the office of the Economic Advisory Selangor yesterday will help him achieve his target.

"My focus in life now is only a drop of BN.

"My resignation will help (do this)," wrote Rafizi in Twitter.

Rafizi to explain this through the following Twitter asked him repeatedly about the information that he made ​​yesterday that the resignation.

Rafizi request that he be given a number to be with his wife and family.

"For me some day to my wife and my family," said Rafizi through Twitter.

Even so, he was busy from the previous night meet PKR program despite various assumptions made ​​by Umno media and Utusan Malaysia especially bloggernya.

Today, he went to Kemaman, his birthplace with Gen, Saifudin Nasution and PKR vice-president Tian Chua lectures there.

Tomorrow she also has a full schedule is assumed as Umno and BN media, the PR component parties in the crisis following the resignation of Rafizi.

Jumaat, 22 Jun 2012

BN's defeat is not something strange

After fifty-four years in power and mighty, UMNO will come to an end and had too many texts and signs that indicate it will happen. Need not have mentioned and repeated this time because the statement was felt by many people and it is felt that in their instincts observe this condition.It has no need to grieve as it needs to happen to keep the country from sliding into the valley of damage to our country's political culture that we love this. Japan's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has collapsed after the ruling of the rising sun for fifty years.LDP is the party that has served the country for Japan. LDP is that Japan has developed rapidly after the country was facing a humiliating defeat in world war 2 first. Japan that have been destroyed as a result of the Hiroshima atomic bomb Detonate that cause the defeat of Japan, has been developed by the LDP return that Japan has become a major economic power in the world.LDP service to his country as "quantifiable" because in the past five decades in the administration and the rule of the LDP party, the Japanese have redeemed dialamainya defeat the contempt, as a nation that can not be left in all international affairs, particularly in the field of international trade and economic . Small tumult in Japan may affect the world economy and politics, especially the Asian region.LDP leaders know and understand what they do and they do not do an action based on purely partisan politics. Japan's LDP leadership, particularly for developing countries is not based on partisan interests but only LDP based on the goals of 'ultimate' for the people and the country is to achieve national development (nation building) in the real sense.Japan suffered defeat after the second world war did not wait long to improve as a result of the collapse of the war. Japan continue to only develop the country by selecting the 'formula' and a radical approach and prakmatik.The first was conducted by Japan is to develop the 'precision' it with disampingi by 'R & D' it because they know the way to keep abreast of developments in other countries with rapidly developing is to achieve 'PERFECTION' high. Japan knew that the way to achieve competitiveness' high is to build the industry to afford the products in the 'export' and acceptable to the international market.Japan under the LDP leadership realized that the country does not have the strength of 'export' for any commodity because Japan is a country in 'geographic' it is a country that does not have a large area to be residential. Japan has only one-third of the country that can be inhabited by humans and that country does not have such a large cash crop in this country.Want do not want Japan to focus its efforts for industrial development only then. Development of the 'precision' that has helped the development of other industries because the cost of production of consumer goods will be lower because the cost was spent on 'capital goods' in a production that will be lower. This is because the machines to manufacture is issued by Japan itself the result of 'R & D' it is successful.On the other hand in our country until today, we have not even yet have the Malaysian industry itself. Malaysia did not have our own industrial products to the 'export' or the use of the international community. All industries in our country is simply the industry 'footloose', which can be moved and shifted to any of the international manufacturers that we have hereIn fact, many of the factories belonging to another country giant operating in the country has shifted its operations in our neighboring countries like Thailand and Vietnam.That's great service to the Japanese LDP but after reigning for five decades, the party's push for national interest. LDP was commit mistakes because they (LDP) took everything 'for granted' because it was too familiar with the mandate of the people.Citizens concerned with national interest as the main thing. LDP already covered by corruption and abuse of power and corruption rate is not as big as what's happening in our country. That was the Japanese refused after giving back to Japan for fifty years.That is why if UMNO-ngungkit dig what they did to the people and urged the people to remember the honor to carry that power, it is an abuse to their own country. UMNO want people thinking about the old deeds and forget about issues of corruption, in excess berluas they do. For UMNO, "I can bribe because I have long served 'was a culture of thinking and humiliated the people.

Ahad, 10 Jun 2012

54 Umno members in the PAS join Idris Jusoh

Besut: PAS managed to penetrate the fortress Umno Besut in Manila which is now represented by the Legislative Assembly (Assembly) Manila, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh who is also former Chief Minister.

About 54 people joined former Umno members to submit PAS PAS membership to the President, sir Datouk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

Accordingly, PAS Besut have added another new branch to make PAS branch in the province of Kampong Bukit Yong Loka as a branch of the party-101.

New members, Mat Mohd Nazir Rahimi, 34, from Kampung-Lok Lak, Manila, said participation in PAS after seeing the truth that the party's struggle.

According to him, if any party who study Islam and learn religious knowledge will be able to see the truth of his party's struggle.

Therefore, it was determined with new partners joined the PAS will fight for Islamic rule.

"Previously, I worked with Umno and Umno leaders in positions of responsibility in the party.

"After my age is increasing and learn ilum-religious knowledge. I can see the truth between the ruling party UMNO and PAS.

"Therefore, I and other friends decided to go along with PAS, PAS and leave the fight in Umno-Barisan Nasional, Insha'Allah," he explained to the Movement after the General Talks "Good Living" Umno in Kampung Bukit Yong, Manila , yesterday.

In the event sponsor representative, Abdul Majid Mohd Sharif to submit the membership form and receive a shirt PAS PAS Umno Change 'as symbolic.

Present at the ceremony the Deputy Commissioner (III) PAS, Dr Alias ​​Razak, PAS Commissioner Punjab, Mohamad Taufek Abd. Gary and President of PAS Loka, DJ Wan Azhar Wan Ahmad.


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