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BR1M: People not tilapia

KUALA LUMPUR, June 9: Help the People's 1Malaysia (BR1M) of RM500 will not be able to 'cleanse the sins of "the government doing corruption and abuse of power, said the PAS Youth Chief Malaysia (DPPM), Nasrudin Hassan (pictured).
Describing BR1M the rights of the people, Nasrudin said it was right and proper assistance is given to people in need but are concerned it is used as bait election.
"We have never disputed the right of people to seek help from the government but does not mean it can wash aid fraud, corruption, sin committed by the government.
"Sooner or later, people realize the corruption cases such as NFC, etc. and people will realize how the government manages the nation's money," he said at a news conference at PAS headquarters in Jalan Raja Laut near here yesterday.
He was commenting on the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin suggested to the Cabinet yesterday, that the government should give people a second BR1M.
Nasrudin said, if the government is really sincere to help people, such assistance will not only be ahead of the election, but all the time.
"What is there so why sugar-election as often given to people ahead of the election season. Why not from the early years and did not become government policy. By all sorts of election is given," he said.
But he said, the people, especially young people information literate will not be affected by such bait think otherwise know to choose the best government in the next general election.
"Young children who receive clear information, they are not easy to be affected because of the principle of non-RM500 struggle to determine the pattern of the national government through the next general election.
"People can make the right choice in the election, not based on who can give feedback to them as people, not fish tilapia to be so, but people have the human mind, there are religious and think," he said.

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