Jumaat, 22 Jun 2012

BN's defeat is not something strange

After fifty-four years in power and mighty, UMNO will come to an end and had too many texts and signs that indicate it will happen. Need not have mentioned and repeated this time because the statement was felt by many people and it is felt that in their instincts observe this condition.It has no need to grieve as it needs to happen to keep the country from sliding into the valley of damage to our country's political culture that we love this. Japan's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has collapsed after the ruling of the rising sun for fifty years.LDP is the party that has served the country for Japan. LDP is that Japan has developed rapidly after the country was facing a humiliating defeat in world war 2 first. Japan that have been destroyed as a result of the Hiroshima atomic bomb Detonate that cause the defeat of Japan, has been developed by the LDP return that Japan has become a major economic power in the world.LDP service to his country as "quantifiable" because in the past five decades in the administration and the rule of the LDP party, the Japanese have redeemed dialamainya defeat the contempt, as a nation that can not be left in all international affairs, particularly in the field of international trade and economic . Small tumult in Japan may affect the world economy and politics, especially the Asian region.LDP leaders know and understand what they do and they do not do an action based on purely partisan politics. Japan's LDP leadership, particularly for developing countries is not based on partisan interests but only LDP based on the goals of 'ultimate' for the people and the country is to achieve national development (nation building) in the real sense.Japan suffered defeat after the second world war did not wait long to improve as a result of the collapse of the war. Japan continue to only develop the country by selecting the 'formula' and a radical approach and prakmatik.The first was conducted by Japan is to develop the 'precision' it with disampingi by 'R & D' it because they know the way to keep abreast of developments in other countries with rapidly developing is to achieve 'PERFECTION' high. Japan knew that the way to achieve competitiveness' high is to build the industry to afford the products in the 'export' and acceptable to the international market.Japan under the LDP leadership realized that the country does not have the strength of 'export' for any commodity because Japan is a country in 'geographic' it is a country that does not have a large area to be residential. Japan has only one-third of the country that can be inhabited by humans and that country does not have such a large cash crop in this country.Want do not want Japan to focus its efforts for industrial development only then. Development of the 'precision' that has helped the development of other industries because the cost of production of consumer goods will be lower because the cost was spent on 'capital goods' in a production that will be lower. This is because the machines to manufacture is issued by Japan itself the result of 'R & D' it is successful.On the other hand in our country until today, we have not even yet have the Malaysian industry itself. Malaysia did not have our own industrial products to the 'export' or the use of the international community. All industries in our country is simply the industry 'footloose', which can be moved and shifted to any of the international manufacturers that we have hereIn fact, many of the factories belonging to another country giant operating in the country has shifted its operations in our neighboring countries like Thailand and Vietnam.That's great service to the Japanese LDP but after reigning for five decades, the party's push for national interest. LDP was commit mistakes because they (LDP) took everything 'for granted' because it was too familiar with the mandate of the people.Citizens concerned with national interest as the main thing. LDP already covered by corruption and abuse of power and corruption rate is not as big as what's happening in our country. That was the Japanese refused after giving back to Japan for fifty years.That is why if UMNO-ngungkit dig what they did to the people and urged the people to remember the honor to carry that power, it is an abuse to their own country. UMNO want people thinking about the old deeds and forget about issues of corruption, in excess berluas they do. For UMNO, "I can bribe because I have long served 'was a culture of thinking and humiliated the people.

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